Brandon Rice's "Choo-Choo Song" is a spirited, briskly executed and well sung track, which should be a fun centerpiece to his live show. Rice shows a fine sense of narrative and a playful sensibility as the song builds a full head of steam. It's smartly produced with inventive touches and subtle harmonies. It adds up to a breezy and energetic companion for all wandering spirits. --Ken Capobianco, music critic Boston Globe/Cape Cod Times Listen here:” - Ken Capobianco

— music critic Boston Globe/Cape Cod Times

Tied Up In You by Brandon Rice Ringtone for August 7, 2008 Today’s featured artist hails from the Jack Johnson School of singer/songwriters, meaning if you like Jack-- you are most certainly gonna dig you some Brandon Rice! A groovy disposition and a conscious streak make for the perfect combination as Brandon’s tracks swoon and envelope the listener, taking them carelessly adrift. The perfect accompaniment for any beach outing or summertime, kick-back event, the islands beckon through Mr.Rice’s feel-good vocals. Sip some lemonade, break out the shorts, and remember to “always wear sunscreen!”” - Ben Heal

Brandon Rice, The Middle Man. What smooth silky vocals and cool melodies like a breeze on the ocean. Like an updated Jack Johnson, Brandon takes us on a journey to his soulful deepness in a package of light delicate songs. Tr #1 Tied Up in You, cool romantic heartwinner, with deceptive simplicity, will stick in your mind. Tr #2: Love and Peace, Political message in a heartfelt song with powerful hook and melody, Tr#6: The Middle Man, Upbeat singalong perfect for radio. Brandon, your music has the melody and clarity for Adult Contemporary commercial radio” - June Caldwell

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Brandon Rice is a southern California singer-songwriter who shows considerable talent both as a singer and a guitarist. His songs are short and simple (just him and his guitar) and his voice is soulful. Rice writes some pretty deep lyrics. Get a load of these lyrics from "Love and Peace." "It's all about what we believe / which is fed to us on our TV screens / then we draw the line and fight to the death / without ever knowing if it was real." Pretty good stuff, don't you think? He follows "Love and Peace" with quite a few songs (including "Summertime" and "The Apple Tree") that remind me of Jack Johnson. It's not terribly surprising that he has a song called "Summertime." He is surfing singer-songwriter from southern California. And it's a pretty good song. It's about being carefree at the beach and looking at girls. In other words, it's a good summer song. This is a solid CD filled with songs that are real easy to listen to. This is a good CD to play while you're on your patio (or at the beach) on a sunny day. If you are a fan of Jack Johnson, you'll appreciate this album.” - Gary Schwind

I look forward to watching your career blossom, and my door is always open.” - Joanne Ledesma

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.."HOLD ON!!!! I JUST FOUND IT>>>>>>>>NOW I'M GOING TO PUT THE DISC ON AND LET IT RIP>>>>>>>>>>>and the verdict is in!!! your artist will be coming up for air on the colorado wave in a couple of weeks....whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I'll add you to our weekly newsletter eblast, just so you'll know! because the show is syndicated, if you are on one station you are on all stations! that's the ticket. Great little songwriter you got there...pure, clean and deep...if you know what I mean...” - Carmen

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.."hi we recieved the album and it is in our library and available to our programmers.thanks! Josh..” - Josh Redman

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.."your CD is in the playbox where it is getting some good airtime. We have it filed in the AAA section which gets a lot of attention from most DJs."...” - Music Director-Tommy Fredrico

— KDUR Radio

A track called Love and Peace was added to our main rotational playlist on the 20/09/2006, and has been publicised on a regular basis since."... .."We thought it appropriate to include the song in our main programming and not specialist shows."...” - Music Director-Bill Everett

— Celtica Radio, Bridgend, Wales, UK

Brandon Rice’s clean, soulful voice and casual mastery of the six-string go a long, beguiling way. Songs are short and sweet, just a man and his guitar practically skating across the airwaves without leaving a single ripple. The easy, congenial melodies create an atmosphere forgiving of Rice’s lyrical handicap, guiding the listener through territory so uncomplicated it renders critique or scrutiny futile. Highlights include album opener “Tied Up In You,” a fun, bluesy little ditty about love, and title track “The Middle Man,” in which Rice seems to lay out his innocuous personal manifesto. “Love and Peace,” with similarly unadorned lyrical charm, addresses the eternal subject of our troubled times, while “Summertime” (no relation to the immortal Gershwin aria) celebrates sunshine, hot chicks and hormones with even simpler, completely unaffected flair. Based on his frequent use of jazzy seventh chords and matching vocal inflections, it would be a pleasure to hear Rice bust out some standards someday, but for now this batch of original material goes down smooth as apple juice, breezy as an April afternoon. Favorite Track: Track 6, “Summertime” (Steve Gunn is a hard-boiled suburban New Yorker with a PhD in rockology and the propensity to point with full-throttle moxie up to his ears and unflinchingly declare, “Hey! These things ain’t garbage cans, y’know!”” - Steve Gunn