Brandon Rice's "Choo Choo"--reviewed by Ken Capobianco, music critic Boston Globe/Cape Cod Times 

Brandon Rice's "Choo-Choo Song" is a spirited, briskly executed and well sung track, which should be a fun centerpiece to his live show. Rice shows a fine sense of narrative and a playful sensibility as the song builds a full head of steam. It's smartly produced with inventive touches and subtle harmonies. It adds up to a breezy and energetic companion for all wandering spirits --Ken Capobianco, music critic Boston Globe/Cape Cod Times Listen here:…

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Choo Choo by Brandon Rice 

Choo Choo scheduled for iTunes release on April 2nd 2013. It will also be available on Amazon and Spotify plus many other digital download and streaming services.

Artists Find Backers as Labels Wane 

By BRAD STONE Published: July 21, 2009 There was a time when most aspiring musicians had the same dream: to sign a deal with a major record label Now, with the structure of the music business shifting radically, some industry iconoclasts are sidestepping the music giants and inventing new ways for artists to make and market their music — without ever signing a traditional recording contract The latest effort comes from Brian Message, manager of the alternative band Radiohead, which gave away its last…

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Woody Guthrie 

Did you know, Woody Guthrie wrote the song "This Land Is Your Land" as a rebuttal to "God Bless America"? He didn't feel like god should just bless America. I like Woody Guthrie.

Copyright Office Bogged Down by New System 

By Lyndsey Layton Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, May 19, 2009 The envelopes fill white plastic tubs, stacked on hundreds of shelves in the basement of the Library of Congress. They're spreading to a ground-floor space that once housed the gift shop and are clogging offices on the fourth floor. And each day, the mail trucks bring about a thousand more. A serious logjam in the U.S. Copyright Office has created a growing mountain of paper applications, more than the staff can process. Like the…

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WalMart wont carry the best record of the year: Green Day's "21st Century Breakdown"! 

The American record industry allowed itself to be bamboozled into giving WalMart and similar operations a near monopoly over their music. It was a catastrophe for them and their artists, especially emerging artists who now have no place to sell their CDs. But it should be no problem for a superstar act like Green Day, right? Well, no. Green Day won't self-censor their songs, which WalMart demands of artists, even platinum-selling ones. So they're not carrying 21st Century Breakdown, the band's politically…

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Why Susan Boyle Matters-written by Peter Bolland 

Why Susan Boyle Matters Written by Peter Bolland By now 50 million of us have seen the viral YouTube video of Susan Boyle's remarkable performance on the BBC TV show "Britain's Got Talent." It's the most widely seen video clip in world history, surpassing previous skyrockets, such as "Bush vs. Shoes" and "Tina Fey as Sarah Palin." The footage is absolutely gripping on many levels because it holds a mirror to contemporary culture, revealing what is best and worst in us. But mainly I'm writing about this…

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House Committee OKs radio payments to music labels 

Reuters, May 13, 2009 5:00 pm PDT Broadcast radio stations may finally be forced to pay music labels for playing their songs, as proposed U.S. legislation moved a step closer toward approval on Wednesday. While newer media such as satellite, cable and Internet stations pay music companies to broadcast their music, terrestrial U.S. radio stations have resisted for decades. The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee voted 21 to 9 on Wednesday to send the Performance Royalties Act to the full…

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