From the recording The Old Preacher Man


(Verse 1)
On the way to the funeral, the preacher man admired my car
From the parking lot of the restaurant
Where we just stopped to take a break from the drive
(Verse 2)
I felt something’s wrong, didn’t want to leave my girl out at my car
So I whipped out a smoke and started to toke
Then he spoke to me, about the cancer he’d been living with
Until Jesus set him free
(Verse 3)
He said son do you believe, that Jesus died on the cross for me
And I told him I’d been saved
He said repeat after me anyways
(Verse 4)
And so I did, with lah lah lah screamin through my head
And I said Amen, and off he went, into the distant blue
Thought I’d never see him again, then I heard
Robbery, robbery, help me please, please god help me, please help me, it’s a robbery
I’m the man with the gun you better give me your keys
Then he got into his car and he started to leave
An old preacher man next to a black Camaro
With a tunnel ram hood scoop and limo black windows
He said son I’m an old preacher man of god
Then the robber looked up to see him wearing his cross
Then he got out of his car, gave him his keys, and ran away
Did I save the old preacher man, or did he save me from something bad
So surreal it was, the old preacher mans got a tough job, yeah
Saving all our souls, while driving the devils car
(Verse 5)
So we called the police, they had the whole place surrounded in a jiffy
And we told em what we’d seen, and they said you are so lucky
No ones ever done such a shamefull thing to me, thank god he didn’t take my car from me
(Verse 6)
My car is really quick, it goes about a, hundred fifty miles an hour, yeah
And they looked at him just like I did
He said son do you believe, Jesus died on the cross for you and me
Repeat after me, and so it went, he’s saving all our souls on the way to someone else’s funeral
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)