From the recording Time To Be On My Way


(Verse 1)
Well its time to go, time to be on my way
And even though I don’t want to, but I know that I have to
So I’ve made my decision, it’s like the calling from within
And I can’t fight these feelings, so I’m just gonna have to give in
(Verse 2)
My heart keeps on dying, the longer I choose to stay
And I’ve known it all my life, yet I waited till today
To cash in all my losses and trade it for a gain
And tomorrow I will find, I’m so glad to be on my way

Because I didn’t have to leave
And I didn’t have to stay
But I’ve always known my time was coming
To be on my way, to be on my way
(Verse 3)
My footsteps have already been taken, oh yeah
And now I’ve come to that fork in the road and I’m anxious and awaiting
It’s my destiny and I’m willing it to be
And after all this time I’m still believing in my dreams
(Verse 4)
I’ve been keeping that fire burning, only a fool would do such a thing
And sometimes it feels so foolish when I try to think
To believe in something takes a lot of courage and strength
To be faced with your fears and uncertainty makes me feel alive again

Look at that smile on my face today
Did I tell you I got a smile on my face today, today, ooh yeah