1. The Apple Tree

From the recording The Apple Tree


(Verse 1)
If everybody wants to rescue me,
Then why are you hiding under the apple tree
It don’t make no difference if it was you or me
If we are hungry then we’ve got to eat
Should I just slaughter an animal
Why can’t I just eat this apple
These rules you made were bound to break
You made the universe in seven days
(Pre-chorus progression)
The sun is shining all day, let’s get on our surfboards and ride some waves
There is no reason to always wonder why, we may not look so good in your eyes
It’s just a part of the human design, it’s the way you made us and that’s alright
Oh yeah, and that’s alright, uuh yeah
(Verse 2)
What if I told you that god spoke to me
Would you believe me or would you laugh at me
He said that everything is much better
When you cover it in butter
(Repeat Bridge)
(Pre-chorus progression)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)
So if you’re looking for me, I’m not at the apple tree
I’m probably kickin it at, Swamis Beach
A margarita or a Mai Tai
A Pina Colada in the sunshine
The wind is blowing through my hair
The Hula dancers’ got to be near
(Outro progression)
And that’s alright, uh yeah, such is life, oh yeah
And that’s what life’s, all about