From the recording All That We Live For


(Verse 1)
She asked me if I wanna, hear what she has to say
And I told her no, you just wont make no sense to me
Now she is all upset, cryin tears fall down her face
What she don’t understand is I’ve had a really really bad day
Its not that I don’t wanna, hear what you have to say
Its just today I don’t agree with anything
(I see) people all around me, making fun of everybody
I see people walking through this life, like it’s just about the money
Fail to live their dreams, Upset with their families
Unhappy with their marriages, just trying to get enough sleep
In a hurry to be nowhere quick, this routine just cant be
Just can’t be
All that we live for is love and peace
And everybody wants to just be free
We’ve got to stick together and help one another
Or tomorrow will come and nothing has changed
And I really like to have a big smile on my face (today)
(Verse 2)
So I am sorry babe, shoulda listened to what you said
But my frustration woulda got us nowhere
Didn’t want to see you cry, you know I love you
And I’m sorry babe, but it doesn’t make it easy with
(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus) 2x’s