1. The Middle Man

From the recording The Middle Man


(Verse 1)
I do my best to always understand
Good from bad, right from wrong yeah
I try to hold it together when everything is tearing me apart
And you think you have all the answers
Then why do I feel this hole in my heart
Someday we will all get along
(Repeat Intro)
(Verse 2)
I told you I like black and white
But gray seems to be where I live my life
And I try to understand, why people are the way they are
So insecure with what were not, but we all understand love
Then we draw the line in the sand, instead of reaching out with our hands
And we push away, crawling back to what we want to believe
(Repeat Bridge)
The middle man, that’s what I am
The Middle Man, that’s what I am that’s what I am
(Repeat Intro)
(Repeat Bridge)
The middle man, that’s what I am
The middle man, that why I am the middle man