From the recording Henry Poole Is Here

This song was written for the movie Henry Poole Is Here. It was a Myspace competition, 3450 songs were submitted. I did not make the cut, but I love the song. See what you think.


Henry Poole Is Here
Written by Brandon Rice
Copyright: Brandon Rice 5/28/08

(Verse 1)
When I think Im going crazy
I wonder If Im lazy
Can all of these people be wrong
Disappearing from the world
Lost like a little girl
Who silently speaks to my heart
Well I thought my intuition
Would prepare me for my mission
Hope is a joke on a sinking boat
Standing right before you
and I don't even know you
You silently speak to my heart

Henry Poole is here, oh yeah
It's so hard to leave my fears
Believing in you makes me feel like a fool
A fool with nothing to lose

(Verse 2)
When the writings on the wall
Will I stand or will I fall
Will I know what's true or false
If I step in your direction
I'll be messin with your lessons
Soaping the hope on the slippery slopes
Try you on for size
If you will open up my eyes
Show me a miracle not in disguise

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't mind wasting time
I've got nowhere to go that I know of
How can I care who's wrong or right
When Henry Poole Is Here

(repeat Chorus 2x's)

A fool with nothing to lose
A fool who fell for you
A fool in love with you