1. Summertime

From the recording Summertime


(Verse 1)
I’ve been waitin all year long, to go to the beach and have some fun
Gorgeous girls wearing next to nothing, ready to party and have a good time
(Verse 2)
The music’s bumpin and the bodies are jumpin, you’re feeling wild with the girls in the crowd
Makes you wanna get a piece of the action, I’ve got to get her number now
Summertime, lets have a good time
Cause everybody’s just lookin for a good time; their love in the air, everywhere
I’ve got to meet her, she’s so damn hot, and she is driving me nuts
Summertime, were gonna have a real good, real good time

Here we go
A piece of pie for everyone, a piece of pie in the sun
You’re kind of freaky like, no other one, give me a kiss and let’s make some
Make some make some love
(Verse 3)
Checkin out her body with my sunglasses on, as she walks past my undressing eyes
She knows that she is driving me crazy, what do I gotta do to win your love
(Verse 4)
Oh my god, look over their, she’s so hot with her long brown hair
A black bikini with a white little top, I think that I’m falling for her
Summertime were gonna have a real good real good time

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 6)
She rides her skim board right next to the shore; she knows I’m lookin so she does it some more
Slippin and sliding watchin her body, maybe she’ll fall into my arms
(Verse 7)
How does she get so golden brown, just wannna make out when the sun goes down
A mini skirt and a tight little top, I think I might as well shoot myself
Summertime lets have a good time
(Repeat Chorus)