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Brandon Rice: News

Brandon Rice on - August 7, 2008

Hi Brandon ~ You are gracing this week's Colorado Wave on all stations, podcasts, streaming, mobile and the free on demand button on our website. Love is the Answer ~ Carmen

Brandon Rice "Tied Up In You" Pick Of The Day on MYXER - August 6, 2008

Hey guys,

My ringtone "Tied Up In You" has been chosen as the Myxer "Pick of
the Day" for Thursday August 7th. The Myxer "Pick of the Day" is
exclusively featured on the homepage of the Myxer website and will be
seen by every user who "Signs In" to the Myxer website on 8/7.
Go here: to check it out and
to download my free ringtone if you don't already have it!

Brandon Rice

Brandon Rice writes a song for the Henry Poole Is Here movie. - July 13, 2008

I entered the Myspace "Henry Poole Is Here" song competition. Ive never written a song for a movie. I watched the 2 minute trailer, read the 3 paragraph synopsis, and thats it.
The Director didnt mention the style of music he was looking for so its "one big guess" . I wrote a song from my heart that mirrors allot about you and me and life. Im proud of the song. Out of 3450 songs submitted, I did NOT make the cut. So its here for you as a FREE download. Go to my myspace at and leave me a comment, let me know what you think.
Peace, Brandon Rice

Brandon Rice-Electronic Music - July 10, 2008

Recently added 2 electronic songs by Brandon Rice. Suffocation and Disco Biscuit. Great for DJ's or dancing. Download for free on the MUSIC page.

FREE ENERGY Home Generator -Zero Point Energy - Off the Grid - June 14, 2008

The car of the future. - June 10, 2008

Brandon Rice checks out the new Aptera, the car of the future to be built right here in Carlsbad.

Brandon Rice plays Channel 1225 - June 8, 2008

Channel 1225 is a cool new club in El Cajon, ALL AGES, all shows are a live video shoot.
Here is a link to pictures from the show on June 7th, 2008 with the San Diego Songwriters Guild. All pics taken by Bridget Brigitte.

All Songs from Brandon Rice "The Middle Man" are free this month. - May 31, 2008

Im giving music away to you. I never thought I would do this, but its more important for me to share my music with you, and hopefully you'll tell your friends. I ask in return, when I come to your towns, that you come out to my shows and have a good time.
I am only one person, I don't have a 1.5 million dollar budget to shove my music down your throat like a major label would. I am one person with a Do It All Yourself Dream and hopefully music that speaks to your soul.
Love and Peace, Brandon Rice

Free Song Download-Summertime - May 26, 2008

You can download Summertime for free on Garageband at: Enjoy.
Peace, Brandon Rice

Brandon Rices music featured by Ben Harpers brother, Peter Harper! - May 3, 2008

I have this awesome opportunity from Peter Harper, Ben Harpers brother, to have my title track "The Middle Man" featured on his website during the month of May. The winner is permanently featured on his website.

I need your HELP when you have a couple seconds. Take a trip to his website via this link,
and go to the tab that says "YOUR MUSIC", and vote for me. Peter is also an artist and makes cool one of a kind items, if you like art.

Thanks for your help
Peace, Brandon Rice

FREE Ringtones - February 19, 2008

New ringtones have been posted in the STORE, you can preview them with a simple click on the Preview button.

UpComing Gig 3/05/08 - February 14, 2008

Berklee College of Music cover story on CD Baby - February 13, 2008

Vote for me in April - February 11, 2008

Brandon Rices' song "The Middle Man" will be featured on Peter Harpers website for the month of April 2008. Please vote for me, the winner will become a permanent edition to his website. Any exposure will help me tremendously. Oh yeah, Peter Harper is an amazing artist and he is Ben Harpers brother. Talent runs in the family.

An Urgent Message From Marilyn Bergman-ASCAP - January 29, 2008

January 28, 2008

To All ASCAP Members,

Over the years, ASCAP has worked tirelessly to convince Congress and the courts that all songwriters, composers and music publishers are entitled to fair compensation for their copyrighted musical works. As you know, ASCAP represents the performing right, a large and growing part of your compensation. But mechanical and synchronization rights are also a critical element of your livelihood.

Today, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) begins a hearing that will determine mechanical rates for every songwriter and music publisher in America. It will be critical because, in addition to setting rates for physical products, rates will be set for the first time ever for digital products such as digital downloads, subscription services and ringtones.

Our friends at The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) will be representing the mechanical right interests of songwriters and music publishers in this hearing. They will be fighting vigorously to protect those mechanical right interests to ensure that musical compositions are compensated fairly. On the other side of this fight stands the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Digital Media Association (DiMA). Both the RIAA and DiMA have proposed significant reductions in mechanical royalty rates that would be disastrous for songwriters and music publishers.

David Israelite, NMPA President and CEO tells us, "The current rate for physical phonorecords is 9.1 cents. The RIAA has proposed slashing the rate to approximately 6 cents a song - a cut of more than one-third the current rate! For permanent digital downloads, NMPA is proposing a rate of 15 cents per track because the costs involved are much less than for physical products. The RIAA has proposed the outrageous rate of approximately 5 - 5.5 cents per track, and DiMA is proposing even less. For interactive streaming services, which some analysts believe will be the future of the music industry, NMPA is proposing a rate of the greater of 12.5% of revenue, 27.5% of content costs, or a micro-penny calculation based on usage. The RIAA actually proposed that songwriters and music publishers should get the equivalent of .58% of revenue. And DiMA is taking the position that songwriters' and music publishers' mechanical rights should be zero, because DiMA does not believe we have any such rights!"

Irwin Robinson, ASCAP Board member and Chairman of the NMPA added, "Our opponents in this hearing are proposing a rate structure which would have devastating consequences for songwriters, composers and music publishers trying to make a living, now or in the future." The initial hearing will last four weeks, followed by a rebuttal hearing in May, and a final decision expected on October 2. Among the ASCAP writer members testifying at the hearing are Rick Carnes, Phil Galdston, and Board member Stephen Paulus.

And while all this is going on, ASCAP has been leading the fight for fair performance right compensation in Federal Court against DiMA members AOL, Yahoo! and RealNetworks. Our case has been heard and we expect an outcome this summer.

Clearly these are perilous times for those of us that create the music that generates profit for those that use our music. But remember this, there would be no profit without our musical compositions that they are fighting to use so freely!

Marilyn Bergman

Durango Songwriters Expo - January 28, 2008

If your a songwriter, you dont want to miss this event. It is occurring earlier this year so it wont conflict with the ASCAP Festival. The dates are February 28,29, & March 1st in Santa Ynez, north of Santa Barbara, CA. Checkout the roster of great artist.

New Pictures Posted - January 28, 2008

I posted some new pictures I took last weekend at Torrey Pines and LaJolla Cove.

Amazon - January 23, 2008

Brandon Rice "The Middle Man" now available for digital download on Amazon. New link added to the STORE page.

Check out this Skateboard - November 29, 2007

I saw this on TV. Make sure you go to the website and check it out. Its the first of its kind worldwide.

Benefit Show for the American Red Cross San Diego Wildfire Fund - November 3, 2007

BENEFIT SHOW NOVEMBER 3rd & 4th at O’Connels

(619) 276-5637. The show will take place on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. till 1:30am & Sunday from 12:00 pm till 11:30 pm.
11:00-(THE ZIGGENS),
8:00-(HIGH TIDE),
7:00-(RAS 1),
6:00-(3RD ALLEY),
12:00-(BETA LION)

9:30-(SIX INCH MAN),
2:45-(BOLD BIRD),
The proceeds from the show will go directly to benefit the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund. There will also be a silent auction for some items donated from musicians, artists, and other companies. Raffles will be held throughout the weekend. Food will also be on sale at the show. The daily capacity for this event is very limited. (approximately 200). Ticket prices will be $18.00 per day. The ticket price is a minimum donation, but offering more as a donation will be greatly appreciated. This event will sell out very quickly, and no additional tickets will be available. THE RED CROSS WILL BE ON SITE BOTH DAYS TO TAKE ANY ADDITINAL DONATIONS (RECEIPTS WILL BE ISSUED FOR TAX PUPOSES). PLEASE MAKE DONATION CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE-AMERICAN RED CROSS SAN DIEGO WILDFIRES-PLEASE HELP US DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR PEOPLE, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IS BEING DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY THESE TERRIBLE FIRES.
For more info contact
Mike at

So Cal Fires - October 24, 2007

Current mood: crushed

What a crazy last 3 days.

Sunday- The Santa Ana winds were blowing like crazy, dry desert heat. I had a really really bad feeling all day.


2:30 am in the morning. I smell smoke, jump out my bed, look out the windows and I see lots of neighbors up, looking around trying to figure out whats going on. Hence the San Marcos Carlsbad Hills fire has started, as the Witch Creek Fire which was far away has started as well.

3:00 am, I start packing emergency evacuation items.

4:00 am, Sheriffs come by the whole San Elijo Hills area and enforce mandatory evacuation. Take the dog and my girlfriend and head to my brothers house in Hidden Meadows. I swerved to miss 4 downed trees along the way to his house.When we arrive my brother who works for the city of Escondido was called into work early, he has to supply food and diesal gas to the firefighters on the line in the south Escondido area all day. I also get a call from my cousins wife who lives in North Rancho Bernardo to tell me they were evacuated along with my grandparents and they went to my Aunts in Rancho Penasquitos. My girlfriends mom calls in the afternoon to say she cant get to her home in the Lake Arrowhead area as they wont let her back up the mountain, she had left her house early am to go to work.

Afternoon time, I find out my cousins, grandparents and my aunt in Penasquitos get evacuated and go to another cousins in Vista. My aunts husbands Mom also gets evacuated from Fallbrook.Everyone is glued to the TV all day watching all these fires and evacuations.

Evening time, my brothers wifes Mom gets evacuated from Escondido and comes to stay where we are. I also call my mom up in Valley Center to let her know she is most likely gonna be evacuated from Valley Center and to be ready. My brother comes home and says his boss told him to get a couple hours of sleep as he will probably get called in again soon.

9:30pm, I go to sleep

Tuesday-7:00 am , I hear noise in the house, I smell smoke. Jump out of bed, my Mom had just arrived as she was evacuated from Valley Center, she has 2 dogs with her. The smoke is everywhere and the ash is flying everywhere. 5 minutes later a friend of my sister in laws arrives and tells us we are being evacuated. 5 minutes later my brother arrives to start evacuating his family, 2 kids, 2dogs (1 very big Saint Bernard, took 2 of us to lift him into the back of my brothers truck) and also 2 cats. 5 minutes later the Sheriffs come by and tell us we gotta go now! We split up into 2 locations as I called a neighbor from San Elijo Hills and he says its ok here in my community(where I live) now. So we my girlfriend, my dog and I come home. The rest go to another house in Escondido which is now safe to go back to.

Daytime: Glued to the TV all day, alot of smoke where I live and the Del Dios(Witch Creek) fire is near. Wind is blowing in a North West direction all day. I am very concerned as a fire 10 years ago whipped through this whole valley and destroyed everything. Harmony Groove area is evacuated at 1pm. That is a valley right next to me. At 5pm the winds totally die down and the firefighters and dropping with Helicopters, using water from Lake Hodges to dampen the Del Dios fire.

Nightime: Go to bed at 10:30, wandering if we are gonna get evacuated again, as the Santa Ana Winds usually kick up between 12am and 7 am.

Wednesday Morning-7:00 am I wake up and no smoke heading my way. Hooray!!

To this point over 560,000 people have been evacuated throughout San Diego County. Over 1,300 houses have been destroyed and many fires are still blazing, many planes from across the USA have been brought into San Diego, including a massive plane brought in from Canada.

Ill keep you posted !

Brandon Rices' Myspace Blog - September 6, 2007

Please go to the LINKS page and add yourself to my Myspace Blog, I can keep you posted about future giveaways and events.

Free Ringtones - August 31, 2007

Make sure you check out the Free Ringtones on my STORE page. If you just TEXT the code, to the MYXER CODE, there are no strings attached. You don't have to have an account with MYXER to get the free ringtones. Only available in the USA, sorry.

Free Song-Ruby Red Lips - August 31, 2007

I am allowing my Friends to download this new song "Ruby Red Lips" for FREE, no strings attached. Its a little bit different than my surf vibe, its definately more Rootsy. I can picture this song in a film. Any film people out there interested, let me know.

Durango Songwriters Expo - August 26, 2007

Its coming up soon, Oct 4-6th 2007. Click the link on my links page if you are interested. Its pretty rare to go to such a awesome event. Register soon as they only allow for 200 people.
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